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Stunt Bike Draw Stunt Bike Draw

Rated 1 / 5 stars


logically this game is the worst game i've played my entire life, not only do the glitches contribute to the low score, the fact that a guy on a dirt bike doesn't at least pull his nose up, or at least balance is retard, another thing also, i lost my last life on stage 12 by that dumb glitch, i see people saying its a bite-off of line rider, i dont give a shit, the fact that you didnt correct this glitch f*cks this game up horribly, with out the glitch, hmmm, i still would've graded low, the biker can barely take a freakin FALL hes 3 feet off the ground and when he hits the floor he goes flying off his bike, he goes to fast, he bumps into this invisible wall and flies backwards and flies off his bike, another negative is that when i draw the line, its jagged, thats about it, I don't know how much work you put into this but it wasn't enough, not in the least bit, hope you take the constructive criticism to heart and submit something WAY better